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With social media becoming such a widely used arena for both personal and professional engagement, it makes sense that every small business owner should explore the possibilities of entering the realm that is social media.

While it is a smart business decision to join the social media world, care must be taken to be sure that each and every aspect of your social media presence is professional and reflects your business approach in a positive manner. Given the nature of social media, varying opinions are sure to exist even among the most loyal of your followers-- which is why maintaining a positive and welcoming presence within your social networks is a good choice.

Some small business owners simply do not have the time to manage or maintain a social media presence, as they are far too busy with their day to day operations of their business. At Diverse, we can help you establish a social media strategy that is both appropriate and manageable for your business needs. We can also manage your social media platforms for you by posting on your behalf and managing your connections, messages, and business profile-- including various business product pages and services where appropriate.  

In addition to sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, there are other aspects of social media that small business owners typically overlook.  Namely, these are sites like Yelp! and Google Business pages, which are high ranking pages within most search engines, and they very well may be search results that are found ranking higher than your actual business website domain.

We can help you organize your social presence by doing some research on existing pages as well as suggesting platforms for you to consider that will enhance your visibility and customer engagement.  Many times, these tasks are combined with our Online Business Reputation service, which can reveal where your business may be listed in various directories that you may otherwise never know existed. Often times business owners are not aware of negative reviews or comments made on social media that have a serious impact on a business' reputation.  Taking charge and control over these listings and entries help improve your business presence and reputation overall.

Social Media TIPS
For Your Small Business
  • Choose the platform that is best for your business
  • Find information that your connections or followers will find interesting enough to engage
  • Don't overpost or bombard newsfeeds with too many posts
  • Be professional in everything you post-- avoid politics, religion, and social issues that are not pertinent to your business niche
  • Be sure you respect the use of terms for the social platforms you use-- not every network is designed for high pressure sales
  • Be careful to post as your business and not your personal account
  • Pay attention to your audience and reply accordingly
  • Be prepared for controversy and heated discussions and opinions
  • Don't take things personally and never respond in an overly negative tone-- you have a reputation and people are watching!

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