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Considering your Business Online Reputation
  • There are directories that post pages and entries about your business without your approval
  • Many online directories contain incorrect or outdated and missing information about your business
  • If you don not claim listings for your business, they will indexed with wrong information, resulting in lost customers and revenue
  • A consistent branding and image is essential to a successful business
  • Negative reviews or posts on various listings may impact your overall reputation
  • You owe it to your business to be in control over what is listed and what is not listed for your business.

What's in a reputation? Some say everything.  What if you did not know that there are multiple listings of your business in various directories that you currently have no control over?  What if you were also made aware than potentially damaging information may be being posted about you or your business without your knowledge? In most instances, we can tell you that this is happening and you should take heed to have it corrected.

New directory listing websites are popping up all over the web on a regular basis. Websites create these directories as their means of getting more traffic to have their paying advertisement partners get new business from their directory listings. But don't just take our word for it-- head over to Google and do a search using just your business name or business phone number and see for yourself.  You may very well be surprised that there are hundreds of directory listings that used data mining or imported directories from sources such as phone directories, public records offices, or other sources to populate their listings.  If you are not monitoring these listings, you are letting someone else control your business' online reputation.

There are several companies out there that will charge you thousands of dollars to manage your reputation for you-- only to take your money and never actually improve your reputation at all. Avoid these scams! At Diverse, we will take the time to research where your business is listed and provide you with our results-- then we will meet with you to discuss those findings and devise a plan to claim those listings or request their removal.  Often times we are able to detect sites that are linked to your website through analytics that send visitors to your site-- other times are not so evident and are only discovered through manual searching. You'd be amazed how many times your business is listed on the web without your consent.

​We can help clear up those listings and claim them for you so you are in more control of your business' online reputation.

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Where is your business listed without your knowledge and what's
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