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Marketing Solutions for Small Business Owners to Consider:

  • GoDaddy Website Builder Plans: Before making a decision on a package, let us show you how we may be able to save you up to 30% on various GoDaddy services. Read More...
  • Website SEO Strategies: Before taking action on your SEO strategy, give us a chance to evaluate your current SEO standing and propose affordable "real-world" solutions that may be more cost effective.  Read More...
  • Email Marketing & Campaigns: Choosing to market your business via email requires careful analysis of various platforms and guidelines set forth by law. There are requirements for email marketing communications that must be adhered to or face penalties or black listing of your domain. Let us advise you of the dangers and pitfalls and help you approach your email campaigns professionally and legally. Read More...
  • Social Media: Social networks are vital for engaging with your clients. Having a polished and professional social media presence not only makes good impressions, it produces new business. Read More... 
  • Digital Marketing Materials: First impressions are lasting impressions- Start off on the right foot with professional marketing materials. Read more...
  • Online Reputation: Your business reputation on the web may cost you customers and thus income, especially if there's conflicting information about your business. Protect your reputation. Read More...

Our Marketing Solutions & Services Include:

  • Website Builder Packages (A GoDaddy Product)
    Website Builder is a service offered through GoDaddy. Plans range from Personal to Business Plus with SEO. These plans are offered at a very reasonable price and each one offers specific features relevant to your needs. Contact us to discuss which plan and features will benefit your business the most.  
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    SEO is vital to having your website found and indexed in the major search engines of interest. There are  many aspects of SEO for you to consider when attempting to increase your website visibility. We are ready to assist you with our proven experience and expertise.
  • Email Marketing & Campaigns
    Staying in touch with your client-base can be an ideal method of engaging former and future customers. Email marketing is a great way to achieve this goal. There are many and various email marketing platforms available, some much better than others. We're experienced in many of them and can assist you in choosing the best platform that meets your needs and budget. We can assist with template creation, campaign management, and all aspects of email marketing.
  • Social Media Solutions
    Social Media can be a very time-consuming as well as confusing effort, though every small business owes it to their business to be active in the world of social media. From professional platforms such as LinkedIn, to more casual platforms such as Facebook, we can get your social platform established and help maintain it for you (if needed). Additionally, we can help evaluate other social platforms as they relate to your business, such as Yelp!, Yellow Pages, and more.
  • Digital Marketing Materials
    With the business world leaning towards digital marketing more than print marketing, the need for professional looking brochures, business cards, and other online marketing materials becomes a major area of focus for the small business owner. We're experience in many programs and services that will help with all your digital marketing needs, including logo creation, banners, and other digital creations. Give us a chance to show you what we can do for you!
  • Online Reputation
    There are countless websites and directories that gather information about businesses from various sources. These sources are not always accurate, and more often than not, they reflect wrong data about your business, including address, phone numbers, email and website addresses.  Many times these listings are auto-generated by robots or data mining. Claiming these listings as the business owner allows you to correct the information so your online reputation is more consistent.