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We all hate spam-- right? We're  not talking about the canned meat Spam, we mean the unsolicited and unwanted email advertisements that fill our inboxes hourly without any requests for them to do so.  If you want your email marketing effort to amount to more than spam and having your domain blacklisted by the major email servers, you will be sure to follow the CAN-SPAM laws and guidelines.

Email marketing is a great way to keep your business name and services in front of your former and potential customers.  However, it is not a great way to approach people you do not have permission to contact or send unsolicited emails to-- that will get you in hot water in a hurry! 

To have an effective email campaign effort, you need to do some thorough planning and preparations before you ever hit the send button for the first time. Namely, you need to identify your audience and how you plan to engage them. You will need a reputable platform able to send mass emails within legal guidelines, as well as the option for recipients to either unsubscribe completely or limit the amount of emails they receive from you, based on their personal selection of which mailings they wish to receive. 

At Diverse, we have lots of experience on several well known platforms regarding successful email marketing efforts. We can discuss how to get started and how to plan for your email campaigns, including follow up emails, drip marketing, and proper email marketing etiquette and techniques. Not all platforms are legit, and not all leads and contacts will be enthused to receive your emails. Give us a few moments to address the common pitfalls and dos and don'ts regarding email marketing campaign efforts. You'll be glad you did! 

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Email Marketing Strategies 
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  • Ensure you follow CAN-SPAM laws and guidelines
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Avoid getting your domain black listed
  • Provide options to unsubscribe and honor those requests when received
  • Use a white-listed platform to send your email campaigns
  • Be sure the templates and appearance of your emails are crisp and professional-- SPELL CHECK!!
  • Respect your recipients-- don't bombard them or press them into sales!
  • Make smart decisions about your email marketing effort and reap the benefits that a proper email campaign strategy provides!

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