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Dean Eason, OwNER

Dean is a native of Charlotte, NC. He's educated in many disciplines, including Business Administration and Computer Information Systems. He was a college instructor for 13 years, after which he worked for several west coast start ups that have since been acquired by larger corporations. 

However, Dean's passion has always involved educating others. He's a very patient person who takes the time to educate his clients about their needs and the best solutions available to meet those needs. His experience and expertise makes him a great resource of information and assistance.

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Diverse Marketing solutions
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We've been assisting small business Owners and Individuals since 2007

We began as an online training service known as The Training Point, specializing in helping small businesses train their workforce to be more proficient and productive through education and on-going training. However, we learned that one of the budget items that goes away first is the line item marked for training. This made it very difficult to remain in business for us.

In our next iteration, we combined our training offerings with website design, search engine optimization, and social media management services as The Hosting Depot. Over the course of time, we helped many small business owners establish their presence on the web and helped promote their businesses through various efforts such as email marketing, digital marketing, and other services.  As the world of web design became more and more streamlined, we recognized that if we changed our approach and switched to services such as GoDaddy's Website Builder packages, we could save our customers even more money. However, switching them to this platform also meant we would be losing revenue from website design services we offered. 

As 2015 came closer to an end, we began to realize that we no longer needed to offer hosting services for websites as the market was saturated and other affordable options were available for our clients. Therefore, since we have always provided marketing solutions and computer solutions, we once again adapted to the demands of our customers and regrouped. We changed our name to Diverse Marketing Solutions & Services for two reasons: 1) Because we offer so many diverse services to pick just one, and 2) Because we believe in and embrace Diversity in all its forms. 

Going forward into 2016, we look forward to continuing to evolve to meet the needs of small business owners and individuals as they arise. We understand how the complexities of being successful at marketing on a very limited budget can be, and we strive to make every dollar count. We treat your business like it is our very own, and we want to make sure it succeeds.